Boiler in the Power Plant


John got a new job in a power plant. His job is to control a boiler that is used to produce steam and which will be sent to the turbine for power generation. The only property that can be read directly from the monitor provided is the pressure. In order to monitor the vaporization process, he needs to know the temperature of the water and how much liquid water left at some pressure.

What is known:

  • The pressure in the boiler is 5 MPa
  • The volume of the boiler is 10 m3 and the mass of water is 500 kg

Steps to Determine the States of Water
  • Determine the temperature of water in the boiler
  • Determine the total enthalpy
  • Determine the mass of each phase of water

  • Consider water in the boiler as a closed system
  • Use the specific volume and pressure to locate the state on the P-v diagram