Strain Gage Rosette on Bracket


In order to determine the load P and its location s, a strain gage rosette is attached to the circular bar near the wall. Each gage is oriented 120o apart as shown.

What is known:

  • When loaded, the gages report strains of
         εa = 224.8 μ
         εb = -118.3 μ
         εc = 132.9 μ
  • Assume the strain gage rosette is at the wall.
  • The bracket material is steel, E = 29,000 ksi and ν = 0.29.


What is the load P and distance s?


  • Determine the strains in the x-y coordinate system.
  • Calculate the stresses from the strains.
  • Find the bending stress and the twisting stress caused by the offset load P.
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