A Proposed Vacation Villa


A resort company is planning to build a vacation villa on a hill facing the ocean. The spot is famous for viewing spectacular sunrises. The hill flattens out at around 300 ft above sea level as shown in the diagram at the left. During the hurricane season, the average wind speed coming in from the ocean is around 50 mph.

After reviewing the design, the structural engineer thinks the wind speeds would be higher at the villa location (point A) do to the shape of the hill.

It is assumed that the hill shape can be approximated as the top section of a half body and point A is directly above the selected origin (i.e., θA = π/2).


Problem Description

Determine the wind speed at the proposed villa site at point A.


  • Base analysis on the potential flow around a half-body with the source located at the origin.
  • The half-body shape approaches 300 ft far from point A as shown.
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